Calling All Nexus 7

Event: Friday, August 3rd, 2012

We compare notes on this new device: is it good for VoIP? Is it a good value? Is the size right? How about the Android version? Any Problems? Is seven inches enough? (That’s what she…)

We’ll be talking about Skype, Bria and all of the Android VoIP apps we can find. Join us on the Hangout on Air and share your experience.

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VUC August 3, 2012 at 7:48 pm

Apple users, when you connect the Nexus 7 to an Apple computer via USB, you will need the Android File Transfer Utility installed. (Windows does not need this. It sees the Nexus 7 as as a storage device, I think.) However, if you are using a laptop (like my Macbook Air) with a USB wifi adaptor, the Android Transfer Utility will kill the wifi connection and the detection of the adaptor. The solution is to kill the Transfer Utility task when you aren’t using it.

There was an article claiming that the Nexus 7 works with the USB adaptor that presents a female USB connecter on one end and plugs into the Nexus 7 mini USB. Apparently, while thumb drives will not work this way, mouse, keyboard or Ethernet adaptor will:

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