VUC403 – FutureVideo Advance Product Preview

Event: Friday, September 28th at 12 Noon EDT

This week, a departure from VoIP as we get a sneak peek at a new multi-track video project recording system from FutureVideo. Here’s a little more about this professional tool:

V-Station HD is unlike any other DVR system that you’ve used—or even contemplated. First, it’s like having four separate DVRs in one unit. Second, instead of relegating content management functions to the post-production phase, V-Station HD puts it where it’s most beneficial—at the beginning of acquisition.

Up to 4 HDMI video camera feeds or video sources can be recorded simultaneously with 2 audio tracks per HDMI source. Recording quality is equal to Blu-ray® Disc.

 Media Asset Management
Project-based management of recordings and shot lists

Clip Browsing & Event Annotation
Browsing by project, reel, or scene—and mark important video images

Synchronized Playback With Multi-cam Editing

Production cuts and edit decision lists

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