HarQen Symposia Live

Event: January 27th, 2012

We will be testing the HarQen Symposia product in this session, with Marc della Torre. Symposia is a hard thing to describe in a few words, you really need to see it to understand what it might bring to a conference. This is exactly what we hope to see happen for this conference.

Recording with bookmarks

Key moments can be marked by participants (see the timeline of the recording below).

 Views of finished Symposia recordings are available and can be shared via email links. The capture on the left shows a Participants list, a Search facility, Flags such as “concern”, “to-do”, etc, Topics and Mentions in the left hand column of that screen. On the right hand side, Shared Moments, Starred mMoments, and Images Shared are visible.

There are some great concepts here for a focused business conference that make HarQen’s quote understandable: “Ever sat through an hour-long webinar or meeting and afterward wished you could share the two minutes that mattered with someone else?” I believe you’ll have to see this to understand it, so we’ll try to coordinate all of our our usual channels, ZipDX, IRC  with this moment and make sure everyone who wishes can participate.


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