IIT’s RTC Conference (VUC Special Time)

Event: Wednesday August 29th, 2012 at 12 Noon EDT

This week we were proud to participate in a pre-conference discussion with Serge Lachapelle, Group Product Manager at Google, and Professor Carol Davids, Industry Professor and Director, Illinois Institute of Technology Real-Time Communications Lab, And Chair of IIT’s annual RTC Conference.

In its 8th year, The Illinois Institute of Technology Real-Time Communication Conference was initially started to support the efforts of IIT’s Real-Time Communications Lab, an academic research and teaching lab that is part of IIT’s School of Applied Technology. Since its inception, the IIT RTC Conference has grown into a globally recognized collaborative event, where industry and academia connect. Leveraging its unique academic setting, the conference brings together technical professionals and business executives from the data and telecommunications industry, standards bodies, policy and regulatory institutions, and academic educators and researchers to promote an open exchange of ideas to lead to future development in the rapidly changing filed of real-time communications.

This years Conference to be held September 10-12 at IIT’s Hermann Hall in Chicago will be a multi-track event, interspersed with several keynote presentations and panels. Serge Lachapelle, a remote panel participant in the opening keynote panel, “Real-Time Communications – Browser to Browser”, will be joined live by keynote panelists Bernard Aboba from Microsoft, Anant Narayanan from Mozilla and Tim Panton from Voxeo to provide an overview of the current state of WebRTC. A Web and Emerging Technologies track augments the keynote with several additional individual presentations, which will be discussed in more detail.

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