Phonism: Cloud-based Phone Management Service

Event: Friday, October 14th at 12 Noon EDT

logoToday, Niko and Steve Lazardis and Bill Edgington join VUC to present and demonstrate Phonism, a product they describe as follows: is a cloud-based VoIP phone management service that goes beyond traditional provisioning systems. In minutes, Phonism can transform the complexities of VoIP deployments into a simple task that anyone can perform. We’ve empowered administrators to manage an endless number of endpoints through our easy-to-use multi-tenanted web interface, ultimately reducing support calls and speeding up deployments. Our Agent allows Administrators to upgrade phones across their enterprise with just a few clicks, regardless of where in the world the phones are deployed. We’ve also given end users the ability to customize their desk phones similar to the way they customize their mobile phones with Backgrounds, Ringtones, Contacts, and more.

Following the Phonism segment, Diana Cionoiu, of Yate fame, has an announcement for us!

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