Sipwise & sip:provider

Event: Friday March 23 at 12 Noon EDT

The Sipwise sip:provider platform is an open source based VoIP soft-switch for ISPs and ITSPs to serve large numbers of SIP subscribers. It leverages existing building blocks like Kamailio, Sems and Asterisk to create a feature-rich and highly performant system by glueing them together in a best-practice approach and implementing missing pieces on top of it. Sipwise engineers have been working with Asterisk and Kamailio (and its predecessors SER and OpenSER) since 2004, and have roles on the management board of Kamailio and are contributing to these projects both in terms of patches and also financially by sponsoringdevelopment tasks. The sip:provider platform is available as a Community Edition, which is fully free and open source, and as a commercial PRO appliance shipped turn-key in a high availability setup.

During this call, we will describe the architecture and features of the Community Edition, its use cases, why it makes sense to use this platform as a starting point for a VoIP deployment instead of building it from scratch, and the differences of the PRO edition compared to the Community Edition. We will also look into our development and deployment work-flow to show how continuous integration can support development, upgrades and QA testing of a complex open source appliance.

About the speaker

Andreas Granig has been working with VoIP since 2000 and with SIP since 2004. He is co-founder and CTO of Sipwise GmbH, a company based in Vienna/Austria developing and integrating carrier-grade open source VoIP systems serving large scale deployments. Sipwise raised a Series A funding round of more than USD 1M in December 2011 in order to bring open source VoIP communication to the next level. Andreas is member of the Kamailio management board and active contributor to various VoIP-related open source projects.

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