The ZipDX Experience

Event: Friday May 11th at 12 Noon EDT

We’ve used ZipDX for over three years now, and I don’t know how we could manage to produce a busy, high audio quality  weekly conference with anything less. ZipDX conferencing is very well-thought out. It is obvious that the people behind it, like David Frankel, have extensive experience in this area. The platform is constantly improving, too, adding new useful features more often than most similar business offerings.

Programming conference times and configuring options couldn’t be easier. There are several ways to do this. Below is the web site interface.


During the conference, the ZipDX console allows the moderators to not only control mutes,both hard and soft, but also adjust volume, turn recording and transcription on and off, see who is speaking and see who is called in. There is a voting feature, and multiple rooms.


Read the full ZipDX Users Guide online.

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