Village Telco – Steve Song

Event: Friday, October 19th at 12 Noon EDT

VUC regulars are always asking for Steve Song and Village Telco updates, such as the deployments page on their site. Steve also pointed me to Unpacking our Mobile Broadband Future.

The Village Telco is an initiative to build low-cost community telephone network hardware and software that can be set up in minutes anywhere in the world.  No mobile phone towers or land lines are required. The Village Telco uses the latest Open Source telephony software and low cost wireless mesh networking technology to deliver affordable telephony anywhere.

Here are a few highlights from New Village Telco Entrepreneur Profiles

Jorge Gomez – Colombia
While there is Internet, phone and mobile services in the city itself, service in the surrounding hills is variable. Currently Jorge has deployed 50 Mesh Potatoes in one community and 30 in another.

Jose Soto – Puerto Rico
In central Puerto Rico, fixed line services are often in need of repair and mobile service is often limited due to the mountainous nature of the region. Jose has deployed 83 Mesh Potatoes and has plans to extend services to 10 pueblos in the central Puerto Rican region.

Wayne Abroue – South Africa
Until recently Kranshoek had no Internet connectivity. Wayne currently has over 30 nodes in the network and plans to deploy another 30 very shortly.

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