WebRTC with Phono SDK

Event: Friday the 13th of April at 12 Noon EDT

We managed to attract a great panel of WebRTC people to this discussion, including  Voxeo Labs and Phono.com will present the latest on what they’re doing with WebRTC. Also, longtime friend and participant Dan York, Googler developers from Europe and the USA who are working on WebRTC, Erik Lagerway and the usual great core VUC group. Thanks to all who participated in this great discussion.

WebRTC is a couple of things. First and foremost it’s a standard for streaming media inside web-pages. It so happens that the standard is very hackable, so that any web-developer who know a bit of JavaScript can access and manipulate the video and audio-streams in realtime.

Take a look at this article, from which the above paragraph comes. Also, some previous posts here.

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