VUC467 WebRTC-powered Calliflower Connect

Event: Friday December 13th, 2013 at 12 Noon EST


This week, iotum COO Noam Tomczak joins us to talk about its flagship Calliflower conferencing service. Called Calliflower Connect, the WebRTC-enabled native SIP client enables users to call directly into Calliflower meetings through their Google Chrome or Firefox browsers, doing away with accessing conferences via 3rd party applications like Skype, which recently disclosed discontinuation of its desktop APIs.

iotum began exploring WebRTC many months ago and now sees a steady increase in Calliflower Connect traffic while Skype-originated access steadily wanes. With Chrome for Android on the way, iotum soon expects to see WebRTC integration into all mobile devices.

About our guest

Noam has been a member of the iotum team since the beginning and has architected a number of patented technologies for iotum’s web and switch platforms. He has also designed algorithms for 3G mobile chipsets and has developed embedded computing systems for a variety of industrial uses.

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