VUC464 Carlos Alvarez on Building a Solid VoIP Business

Event: Friday November 22nd, 2013 at 12 Noon EST

This week, VUC regular Carlos Alvarez chats with us about the phenomenal success of his originally small VoIP company, which grew 50-70% each year and built a loyal customer following with an attrition rate of less than 1-2 customers per year.

CarlosAlvarezCarlos has a background in general computer systems engineering/hacking, starting from a teenager in the early 80s. He began consulting on voice-related projects in the 90s as he saw a convergence of computers and telephony starting to happen.  This was generally with voice over Frame Relay or on ISDN as data.  In the early 2000’s, he and his partner (both in business and in life) saw that VoIP was taking off and started to install systems for their customers.  This was at a time when carriers would just disappear overnight, and “standards” that were anything but standard or reliable.  They found one carrier they could rely on for years, and then were given the opportunity to buy them out, which they did in early 2007, and grew it until mid-2013 when they then sold it to a larger company.

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