Francesco Prior – Asterisk and Databases

Event: Friday September 20th 2013 at 12 Noon EDT

All audio versions are here

francescopriorFrancesco’s Astricon talk is about how to integrate Asterisk with a relational database. He’ll go through installation of MySQL database, ODBC abstraction layer and Asterisk configuration. This will be a shorter summary than his actual Astricon talk, obviously.
Three new possible scenarios might result from this knowledge:
1. Access database resources directly from Dialplan that will be able now to execute any SQL statement
2. Store any Call Detail Record (CDR) to Database; this option will permit access from any other 3rd application (PHP WebGUI for example).
3. Take advantage from Asterisk Realtime Architecture (ARA): this feature enable to store configuration files options in a database. In this scenario it will be possible create a PHP WebGUI to permit a non-programmer to manage SIP extensions or Dialplan without using a black screen command line.

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