VUC458 Astricon 2013 Recap

Event: Friday October 11th, 2013 at 12 Noon EDT

Tomorrow’s VUC call, #458 for those of you who are counting, will be a rare open session. My prospective guest has been unresponsive, but in the warm afterglow of Astricon2010 there is bound to be much to discuss.

Randy expects to be around, although suffering from the joys of jet lag. Never fear, he’s left me as pilot-in-command for the hour. Please remember to fasten your seat belts. Would you prefer beef or chicken? No sir, meals must be paid for with a credit card.

– Michael

In the end, we did do an Astricon Recap, so thanks Michael for being there. I hope your door people will deign to join us one day.

– Randy

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