LCR Solutions and WebRTC News

Event: Friday, Feb 22nd, 2013 at 12 Noon EST

Some uncertainty as to how Abe Haim of LCR Solutions will join.

“There are many considerations that carriers must address , such as how routing affect their choice of carriers and what network management’s role is that makes least-cost routing a win or lose proposition. Routes are bought at one price and terminated at another for what should be the maximum profit. The catch is that the carrier’s rates are constantly changing, which means the routing must change too.”

Jay Carpenter has something to tell us. Olle Johansson may make a cameo appearance.

X-Lite RC Downloads

X-Lite Counterpath‘s Derek Jacobs has invited the VUC to test the new X-Lite Release Candidate for Windows or Mac OS X. If you have feedback for the Counterpath team, email support@ with “X-Lite RC” in the subject.

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