Simwood “Why we Own the Network”

Event: Friday, January 25th, 2013 at 12 Noon EST

Simon Woodhead of Simwood joins us for some details from the recently published QoS white paper which, as he admits, contradicts the views of some recent VUC guests. Simon will also go into why owning the network is important. Here’s an excerpt from a recent discussion with Simon.

“We own the network. We peer with 400-odd other ISPs in the two biggest exchange points on the planet such that 70% of our traffic flows directly. We always proxy media (unlike recent cloud-only guests) such that the customer has a stable IP path to us, we have constant paths to any IP carriers, and we control those paths. As a result 90% of the traffic the network carries is RTP. We consider this to be adding the value that our customers pay us for. We have had some interesting experiences where customers have come to us from our own suppliers and raved of improved quality despite the voice going through the same end carrier just with us in the middle! Why? Because we peer with their ISP and can optimise the path from them to us and us to the carrier rather than relying on the luck of the cloud. I often explain to customers that we could technically run this business from a couple of cloud servers for a few hundred Pounds a month – there’s a reason we spend many many times that operating a national network distributed around 4 data centres.”

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