TelScale RestComm – from SS7 to IP

Event: Friday, May 10th, 2013 at 12 Noon EDT

All audio versions are here

TelestaxThomas Quintana, Telestax Director of Cloud Engineering, joins us to talk about TelScale RestComm, a Cloud Communications Platform to build voice, fax and text messaging applications, using mainstream web development skills. TelScale RestComm is a turnkey Telco 2.0 SaaS solution ready to deploy in your cloud based on the Twilio simple and effective APIs and 100% Open Source built on the next generation TelScale Cloud Communications platform.

TeleStax provides Open Source Communications software and services that facilitate the shift from legacy SS7 based IN networks to IP based LTE and IMS networks hosted on private (on-premise), hybrid or public clouds. TeleStax products include JSLEE, SS7 Resource Adaptors, SIP Servlets, Rich Multimedia Services, Presence Services/RCS, Diameter/AAA Services, XMPP Services, REST, WebRTC and others.

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