VUC457 Using VoIP to Aid Rehabilitation, Lower Recidivism

Event: #vuc457 Friday, October 4th 2013 at 12 Noon EDT

prisonurbanThis week, IT infrastructure manager Aaron Johnson tells us about how open-source VoIP to provide business-to-business outbound calling inside of a correctional facility:
“There are lots of unique security challenges that we’ve had to overcome and no off-the-shelf solutions support our needs. The result of solving this problem has had huge benefits to our company, the state of Arizona, our partners, victims of crimes, and improved re-offense rates for the women that work for us. One interesting metric is that the 5-year felony re-offense rate in Arizona averages around 85%. For women who have worked with us inside of a correctional facility, because of work experience, education, and intense training, have a re-offense rate lower than 15%.”

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