VUC Open General Assembly

Event: Friday, February 8th, 2013

Before we begin our seventh year of weekly conferences, and since the scheduled guest has rescheduled, we’re going to have an open “general assembly”. The phrase “needs no assembly” comes to mind, but I have a few questions to submit to everyone concerning the future of the VUC, aside from a general topic about ANI, caller ID and spoofing over the years, or anything else technical you might want to bring up. Karl?

Over the past year I have tested at least 3 social media aggregators and I’d like to submit to you a plea to make this community-driven. This can be done in two very simple steps, but first, choosing a single platform might be a good start. Once that’s done, depending on which one is chosen, you can either submit URLs to me for inclusion from Twitter or blogs, anything that has an RSS feed. The only requirement here is that you submit feeds that only concern tech stories of interest to our group: VoIP, SIP, XMPP, codecs, networks, security, IPv6, etc. The second method is to become a source by manually submitting articles you find using a javascript bookmark. Here are the three possibilites, and they’re all running right now.


Above is, you can click on the image to look or go to


Above is at


Above, Rebelmouse at

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