VUC472 – Vaddio & The Huddlestation

Event: Friday January 17th at 12 Noon EST

All audio versions are here

groupstation_vaddio_h218While it’s true that I live in Texas where football is elevated in status beyond almost everything else, this is not about football. Vaddio is a manufacturer of audio & video conference hardware based in Minnetonka, MN. While best known for their range of PTZ cameras, they have a diverse product offering that covers media applications from broadcast to places of worship.

On this particular occasion they will be joining the VUC to introduce their new Huddlestation. The Huddlestation is a new product that aim to address the needs of smaller meeting rooms for video conference capability, while also tapping into the BYOD trend. It’s essentially a USB-attached camera+sound bar for an HDTV. It serves as the I/O for whatever application that user desires, from Google Hangout to Skype, RealPresence or Scopia Desktop.

The Huddlestation is an area of concern to all the major players in video conferencing. It walks the line between desktop or executive end-points and small room systems. It does so at an attractive price point. Vaddio staff will doubtless join the Hangout from a Huddlestation, meaning that we’ll be able to see for ourselves that value of the product.

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