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RaspberryPiCookBookWe’ll be chatting with Simon Monk, author of Raspberry Pi Cookbook (O’Reilly Media, published December 2013), a great introduction to the world of +Raspberry Pi. Dr. Monk has a degree in Cybernetics and Computer Science and a PhD in Software Engineering. He has been an active electronics hobbyist since his early teens.
O’Reilly Media has generously given us two copies of the e-book to give away during this session. Our Hangouts can also accept up to 100 phone callers, so if you have questions for Simon, you can ask them yourself or post them in our IRC channel #vuc on

Main topics from the book:

  • Set up and manage your Raspberry Pi
  • Connect the Pi to a network
  • Work with its Linux-based operating system
  • Use the Pi’s ready-made software
  • Program Raspberry Pi with Python
  • Control hardware through the GPIO connector
  • Use Raspberry Pi to run different types of motors
  • Work with switches, keypads, and other digital inputs
  • Hook up sensors for taking various measurements
  • Attach different displays, such as an LED matrix
  • Create dynamic projects with Raspberry Pi and Arduino

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