VUC478: 2600hz Mobile Public Beta

Event: Friday February 28th at 12 Noon EST

All audio versions are here

2600hzThis week, 2600hz will be launching it’s first public beta of 2600hz mobile. This service allows you to run your own mobile phone company by turning your cell phone into a VoIP handset natively – without apps or firmware updates.

As one of the first API-based Mobile Virtual Network Aggregators’s (MVNA) in the US, 2600hz is allowing open-source enthusiasts in the Asterisk and FreeSWITCH community to hookup cell phones to their home PBXes or their existing small/medium business installs entirely over native cellular interconnects. No SIP handset apps and no gimmicks.

Tune in to learn more and interact with the 2600hz folks on IRC or the Hangout on Air.

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