VUC486 – Obihai: What Now?

Event: Friday, April 25th at 12 Noon EDT

Obihai's Mark Williams talks about what Obihai has planned for the Google Voice XMPP shutdown in May.

What’s next for Obihai?
Google Voice combined with one of the Obihai units made a compelling free phone service. With te XMPP rug being pulled out from under it, Obihai has plans for replacement services that aren’t free, but aren’t very expensive either.

Mark Williams Mark Williams

Mark Williams joins us to talk about Obihai’s plans. “The OBiTALK cloud management portal gives you the control to manage any Obi device from anywhere with an internet connection and in addition it underpins Obihai’s mass-scale provisioning and management platform for service providers. From the OBi’s on-board connections as well as via the Internet, you have the power to leverage mobile, fixed line and Internet telephone services to their maximum value for your home and business.”

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