VUC497 – Bernard Aboba’s Future of Video Part II

Event: Friday July 11th, 2014 at 12 Noon EDT

Bernard aboba, Robin Raymond and Emil Ivov take us through some dense technical info about video, so watch carefully!

All audio versions are here

Part I of the Future of Video was with Alex Eleftheriadis, Chief Scientist and co-founder of +Vidyo, Inc (who brought the original technology used by Google). Bernard Aboba, Principal Architect, Lync Division at Microsoft, continues this topic along with Jitsi’s Emil Ivov.

Over the last five years, virtually every major video vendor has enabled simulcast and/or scalable video coding (SVC) in their products. While the initial implementations were based on H.264/SVC, with VP8, VP9 and H.265 all incorporating support for SVC, it is becoming apparent that simulcast and SVC is on a path toward becoming ubiquitous. Among other things, this has the potential to enable cloud-based video conferencing on mobile devices at an unprecedented scale. This session will talk about recent efforts to support simulcast and SVC within WebRTC browsers and cloud-based video conferencing services.

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