VUC515 – Tsahi Levent-Levi

Event: Friday November 14th at 12 Noon EST

Excellent meeting of the minds in this discussion!

bloggeekmeWe know him as an active blogger on VoIP and WebRTC and as a contributor to several publications.
During the past decade Tsahi Levent-Levi has worked at RADVISION, taking part in the development of various VoIP and 3G projects as a programmer, manager and marketer. This included developing the 3G-324M protocol stacks from scratch, as well as managing the team that was in charge of developing and maintaining the H.323 protocol stack. He has an MSc in Computer Science and an MBA degree with a focus in Entrepreneurship and Strategy. He has been granted two patents related to 3G-324M call optimizations. He is currently the chairman of the IMTC IMS Activity Group, which focuses on interoperability issues relating to IMS client and is an active participant in other international organizations dealing with standardization and interoperability in the video conferencing industry such as the 3GPP, ITU and GCF.

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