VUC518 – Liberate Your Mobile!

Event: Friday December 5th 2014 at 12 noon EST

All audio versions are here

Quoting Ivelin Ivanov, Telestax :

“In this session I would like to show how hundreds of millions of subscribers who aren’t getting anything but basic service from their mobile provider can change things in a few minutes.

We will go over the short codes available to most mobile subscribers to instantly enable intelligent services via Restcomm without additional contracts or expert knowledge.

– Voicemail to email.
– Social aware voicemail. Greetings for friends vs business contacts.
– Missed call alerts. Useful when traveling or off the grid for some other reason.
– Call forwarding to alternative local or international numbers when unavailable.
– Multiple alternative phone dialing when busy or unreachable. Sometimes it’s better to hand over an incoming call to a colleague than miss the opportunity. Respectively if the call is from the doctor or a family member it’s better to route it to the spouse or an emergency contact than miss it.”

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