Ring in 2016 with More Crypto with Olle Johansson

Event: Tuesday December 29th at 11AM EST

Here’s wishing you and yours a dynamic, prosperous and healthy 2016 in all of your endeavors! Please join our VUC Kiva Lending Team to guarantee loans to hard-working entrepreneurs worldwide. Our team has made over 1,000 loans since we began in 2007.

Today,  we talked to Olle Johansson about TLS, security, encryption, IoT and the challenges of 2016. Tim Panton made a statement I liked a lot during this call:

“Data: If you don’t collect it, you don’t have to protect it!”

We also spoke about central authorities and identity. Both remain serious concerns for the future.

And James Body is optimistic about the future of really intelligent, really secure SIM cards.



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