VUC526 – MoreCrypto Series: Moving the Web to HTTPS

Event: Friday January 30th, 2015 at 12 Noon EST (5pm UK)

DanielAppelquistDaniel Appelquist, who describes himself as an “open web advocate”, joins us to talk about TLS on the web: some good reasons for using it and the common objections to it. As someone with a very wide experience in IP and network communications, a session with Dan and our VUC regulars should be excellent!

Dan is also a co-chair of the W3C Technical Architecture Group (W3C TAG). The TAG is a special working group within the W3C, chartered (under the W3C Process Document) with stewardship of the Web architecture.
LINKS from this session:
Complements nicely the IAB statement that encryption needs to be the norm:
cf our TAG blog post:
Good ORG group post on that:
Dan Yor post on this topic:
Dan A: Interesting analysis of current crop of messaging apps from EFF, btw:
General w3c:
Dan Appelquist: : I am organizing a hack in London –
Over the Air – in September 25-26. See for details.
If you’re in the UK please put us on your calendar.

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