VUC530 – 2015 Events and Places

Event: Friday February 27th 2015 at 12 Noon EST

Here are some of the events we discussed. All have in common great participants you can meet in person. All of the panel participants agree you should go to at least one of these events if you have an interest in VoIP, WebRTC, pbx, security and related technologies.

TADHack London, Lisbon and worldwide!

In April we have TADHack WebRTC London on the 11-12 April at Idea London(thanks to UCL).  We have a dream team of mentors for the event including Sam Dutton of Google, Matthew Hodgson of, James Body of Truphone, Philippe Sultan of Apidaze, and Jean Deruelle of Telestax.

Then in June we have the big event, the Global TADHack, 13-14 June. The main European hub will be in Lisbon, we also have locations in London, Madrid, and Israel.  The IIT RTC Lab will be running the Chicago location again.  The APAC side of the event is exploding with locations planned in Sri Lanka, New Delhi, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Australia; and perhaps a couple more that are currently in discussions. Also we accept remote entries so you can hack from the comfort of your own home. The TADHack website will soon be updated with the location details.

Kamailio World –  May 27-29, 2015 – Berlin

Organized by Asipto, a company focusing on providing professional services for Kamailio and SIP/VoIP technologies, from consultancy and development to training and RCS platform deployments. With its team built around two co-founders of Kamailio project, Asipto expertise has accumulated more than 10 years of research and innovation of real time communication technologies as well as in large commercial deployments. Involved in the management of the open source project from its very beginning, they continue leading the evolution of Kamailio SIP server.

Kranky Geek – April 16 London

If you are interested in WebRTC and want to know what others are doing with it – what challenges did they face when they decided to build their service and what solutions they found – especially on the technical side, then this event is for you.

Cluecon – check for news

Astricon – check for news

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