VUC534 – Experience Skype to the Max, 2nd Edition

Event: Friday, March 27th, 2015 at 12 Noon EDT

Because of a major glitch, the video unfortunately ended after a short time.

All audio versions are here

ExpSkyJim Courtney is our guest. He suggested some potential discussion points (below), but is open to questions.

– New features over the past three years and why they don’t have the “buzz” impact that new features used to have. Are we becoming calloused to anything new?
– The challenge of innovating with a product that has built up a legacy and familiarity
– The challenge of educating users about features beyond free voice and video calling (and it’s also a challenge for smartphones – to make users realize there is value in all those applications available beyond voice calls and SMS messages).
– The feature set to consider when evaluating other alternatives
– The directory issue
– Skype vs Skype for Business
– Asynchronous vs real time comms (migrating to IM backend has allowed more “persistence” with chat messaging, for instance)
– Anytime communications Rooms

Note: We had a technical issue that lost some of the early part of the recording and that cut off the video completely. Because the computer involved was both doing the backup recording AND the bridge to ZipDX main recording, that segment was lost. Apologies, there’s nothing we can do.

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