VUC545 – a TADHack Update

Event: Friday June 12, 2015 at 12 Noon EDT

All audio versions are here

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A few anticipated topics:

  • TADHack Global review – numbers / expectations / keynotes
  • Developer spotlights – from the mini in London and anticipated from the global event
  • TADHack plan – Chicago, TADSummit and the new TADHack mini Paris in December (just before the WebRTC Conference)
  • 50% of TADHack attendees are from from Sri Lanka, because Dialog has created a vibrant TAD ecosystem (making developers rich). Can this be copied?
  • Do telcos still have a role? Their impact can be significant for local developers, but can they help themselves?
  • The future of telecom app development with Jitsi and Tropo getting bought, where is the marketing going?

Telecom Application Developer Hackathon
13 – 14 June 2015
Lisbon – Chicago – Raleigh – London – Dublin – Madrid – New Delhi – Colombo – Jaffna – Israel – Istanbul – Bangladesh – Melbourne – Buenos Aires

Come join the international community of telecom app developers! Discover the latest ways to add communications to your application, service or business. This is the ONLY GLOBAL MEETING place for developers who want to learn, share, code and create using the tools and technologies available in telecommunications. Join one of the above locations or take part remotely, it’s global!

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