VUC571 – FutureVideo Multi-Channel Video Recording

Event: Friday December 11th, 2015 at 12 Noon EST

A different way to shoot events: V-Station HD Multi-Channel DVRs organizes and manages your project from the start.

This week, we look at multi-camera, multi-channel video recording with Bob Cohen of Future Video. Bob’s last visit, an advance look at the V-Station HD, dates back to 2012.
Future Video
Shooting a multi-camera video production today is typically accomplished with separate independent recording devices—camcorders, DVRs, and audio recorders. Such projects are costly, complicated, and time/staff-intensive…daunting barriers to many video content creators. The paradigm has changed. V-Station HD Multi-Channel DVR Systems can solve many of these problems associated with recording, editing, and timely delivery of your multi-cam video projects.

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