VUC574 – Meeting of the Minds

Event: Thursday December 31st at 1PM EST

We kidnapped Chris Matthieu (  after his rare appearance on the previous session and kept him safe and sound until we could grab Matthew Hodgson ( We then unceremoniously threw these two cutting edge technology giants into a cage to see what would happen. What ensued may surprise you… or will it?
An edifying discussion on WebRTC and IoT principles, standards, problems and solutions!
Luckily, Tim, Michael and James were around to make sense of it all, while I just made sure the recording was actually working.

Thanks to all who make the VUC what it is, a true community.
2016 will be our 9th year, starting with VUC575, we hope to continue to bring you the most important people and projects in IP Communications & VoIP.

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