VUC664 – Quality-Assured Voice and Video over Commodity Broadband

Event: Friday September 22nd, 2017 at 12 Noon EDT, 5pm UK

It’s been a few years since Martin Geddes has joined the VUC. Today, we’ll be talking about Just Right Networks. He publishes an excellent newsletter, you can subscribe to it here.

Martin Geddes is a network performance scientist and pioneer of quality management in digital supply chains. As well as running his own telecoms consulting business, he is also co-founder of Just Right Networks Ltd. This start-up delivers Virtual Quality Network solutions that apply proven ‘lean’ concepts to telecoms for the first time. His previous jobs have included senior technical roles at BT, Telco 2.0, Sprint and Oracle. He holds an MA in Mathematics & Computation from the University of Oxford.

He is also currently writing a book, The Internet is Just a Prototype, on the future of distributed computing.


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