Vision 17 : GDPR, anti-eSIM collusion and more

Event: Friday April 27th 2018 at 12 Noon EDT, 5 PM UK, 6PM CEDT

All audio versions are here

If you have an email address and any online activity at all, you’ve probably received these “Data Policy Update” messages from multiple platforms. We’ll talk a little about what happens May 25th for EU and non-EU citizens and Brexiters.


An investigation is underway by the US DoJ over possible collusion of two major carriers over eSIM.

The FDA has published a Medical Device Safety Action Plan (PDF) that discusses possible actions to improve security of medical devices like MRI, and individual devices like insulin pumps or pacemakers.

Microsoft’s Azure Sphere is making a buzz in IoT security.

Audio versions of the sessions are here

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