Vision 5: Internet Pioneer Dr. Paul Vixie

Event: Friday February 2nd 2018 at 12 Noon EST, 17:00 GMT

As most of VUC regulars will recognize the name Paul Vixie as the American computer scientist whose technical contributions include Domain Name System (DNS) protocol design and procedure, mechanisms to achieve operational robustness of DNS implementations, and significant contributions to open source software principles and methodology. He also created and launched the first successful commercial anti-spam service.

Topic: The Robustness Principle is Precisely Wrong

Fail fast and fail early, are the lessons of growth. Yet when it comes to Internet protocols we are advised to “be conservative in what you generate, and liberal in what you accept”. How can we reconcile these? By incinerating one, that’s how. Examples will include thickwire ethernet and IP fragmentation.

We’re honored to have Dr. Vixie back as a guest after last year’s session on DNS Response Policy Zone.

Audio version for Vision 5 : Dr. Paul Vixie

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