We’re delighted to welcome Abbi Minessale to share her visions under construction. Quoting from ClueCon 2018:

“Abbi Minessale has been around FreeSWITCH ever since her father created it in 2006. She has helped out at many ClueCons doing interviews and has taken on a more prominent role this year as the Head of Social Networking and as an author on the new FreeSWITCH Blog. Abbi will be running and judging FreeCYCLED Hacks. She is excited about this new Coder Games event because it combines technical skills with creative building for a fun challenge suited for any skill level.” But that is just a glimpse of who Abbi is. We will learn more about her and her vision on the VUC. Follow her on Instagram.

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Event: Friday March 2nd, 2018 at 5 PM UTC

Kathleen King is responsible for the PR at FreeSWITCH Solutions LLC. A longtime friend and VUC participant, she takes the main stage this week to talk about her vision and of course, ClueCon 2018.

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Event: Friday February 23rd, 2018 at 5 PM GMT

News about two European conferences, Kamailio World 2018 in Berlin and Commcon in Surrey  (UK). Chrome and other browsers are imposing higher standards for TLS certificates. Do you trust third-party sites as much as Amazon or Google?

Audio is here

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Event: Friday February 16th, 2018 at 5 PM GMT


So what is computes.io? The latest Chris Matthieu vision after  30 years of experience in driving the development and launch of disruptive technologies. Prior to co-founding Octoblu, Chris was founder of Nodester, an open-source Node.JS PaaS which was acquired by AppFog and the founder of Teleku, a communications-as-a-service cloud platform which was acquired by Voxeo. Chris was also the founder of Digital Voice Technologies, the creator of the first VoiceXML-powered voice browser, which was acquired by Ideas & Associates.

The audio version is here.

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Event: Friday February 9th, 2018 at 5PM GMT

We talk about Randy’s life and career in music, the VUC, how it began, where it’s going.

Born in Minneapolis, he gave George Harrison a guitar in 1965. A musician playing in bars into the late 1960’s, he moved to Los Angeles in the early 1970’s and went on to play with John Mayall and other famous musicians before moving to France in 1981.

The vision: The VUC began in 2007 as Asterisk Users Conference. Today, we’re focusing on the human side of technology, the visions rather than the products.

The audio version is here.

Randy’s meeting with all four Beatles applauding

Randy’s music site

Stories on Medium on Strictly Beta

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Event: Friday February 2nd 2018 at 12 Noon EST, 17:00 GMT

As most of VUC regulars will recognize the name Paul Vixie as the American computer scientist whose technical contributions include Domain Name System (DNS) protocol design and procedure, mechanisms to achieve operational robustness of DNS implementations, and significant contributions to open source software principles and methodology. He also created and launched the first successful commercial anti-spam service.

Topic: The Robustness Principle is Precisely Wrong

Fail fast and fail early, are the lessons of growth. Yet when it comes to Internet protocols we are advised to “be conservative in what you generate, and liberal in what you accept”. How can we reconcile these? By incinerating one, that’s how. Examples will include thickwire ethernet and IP fragmentation.

We’re honored to have Dr. Vixie back as a guest after last year’s session on DNS Response Policy Zone.

Audio version for Vision 5 : Dr. Paul Vixie

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