Suggestions to optimize your appearance on video

Believe it or not, some the most experienced communicators and advanced computer types often forget these things:
1. Keep any light in front of you, not behind. A light source behind is not going to look good, nor are conference room lights, if they’re visible.
2. Also, please center your head on the screen. A lot of people show only the top half, when using a laptop.
3. There is an app called Hangout Toolbox in Google Hangouts that will let you add a lower third. This is great for your name on top, company/project and URL second line.
[Note: as of October 2015, the app does not work for some people!]
4. Audio quality: Do the hangout in a quiet area.
5. Headsets will almost always give better audio than built-in mics. Ear buds are a good compromise, if you do use a built-in mic.
6. Tablets and phones usually won’t work well regardless of how good they are.
7. If possible, ethernet is better than wifi connections.
8. Check your video and audio before the event. You can do this alone in a private hangout.
We start the Hangout (not broadcast) about one hour before so if you like, come and do a sound check. Sometimes people come in with no sound or no video! If you haven’t done hangouts before on a particular computer, it’s essential you test them first. You’ll also need to be signed in to Google to do this.
Finally, if you have tech people available, try to get them on IRC on the #vuc channel because questions are sometimes best answered that way.
Anyone can watch the session here: and that page has a built in web client for IRC.